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KITTY Imports Tiled Tilemaps, Yay!

This is a Tiled importer for Unity.

Documentation is available on Read the Docs.
Source code is available on GitHub.

KITTY differentiates itself from other Tiled importers through seamless basic integration, automatic object-to-prefab instantiation, and friction-free translation from Tiled custom properties to C# fields.

KITTY imports every graphic, object and setting you’ve defined in your Tiled tilemaps into Unity.

Unity’s built-in tilemap editor is fine, but Tiled is much easier to use. You can define stuff like text, warps, and pickups directly in Tiled. KITTY just imports and applies all that seamlessly.

KITTY can’t make custom behaviours without coding those behaviours, though. You still need to write character controllers, enemy AI, interaction behaviours etc. yourself.


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