ASTROCAT A homage to great bullet hell shmup games created within 72h. Make your way through waves of enemies and destroy the evil monsters that lurk in the darkest corners of the solar system!

We would love to see you play the game, so feel free to post youtube clips~!

Coding : Emma
Music : Esther
Art/Coding : Fmlad
Sound Effects : Esther, and

Submission for Mini Jam 77 (make a game in 72 hours!)
Theme: Courage
Limitation:  Game cannot take place on earth

Version History

  • 1.04 (2021-05-04): Reduced difficulty, fixed boss health bar, added quit buttons
  • 1.03 (2021-05-04): Fixed WebGL hit timing, significantly decreased unpacked standalone file size
  • 1.02 (2021-05-04): Reduced sound effects, bullets now timed to music again
  • 1.01 (2021-05-04): Initial release


Download 28 MB
Download 37 MB
Download 33 MB
Download 42 MB


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dude this is amazing especially since its made in 3 days i love the style although i think you move a bit slow for a bullet hell.