Doodle Planets

A game by Emma and Hekla.

Help the various Oodles find planets satisfying their preferences for temperature, atmosphere, seasons, and sustenance.

Made for MiniJam 49: Seasons

Limitation: Sprites must fit in a 4×4 space


  • Menu: Arrows
  • Progress: X


Each kind of Oodle has their own preference

Yoomons - Prefer Earth-like conditions

Binufians - Prefer Venusian conditions

Mortons - Prefer Martian conditions

Yojos - Prefer Ionian conditions

Weegans - Prefer ????


Download 953 kB
Download 3 MB
Download 525 kB
Download 740 kB


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Some kind of tutorial would be nice. So, I need to get enough points to launch to the next planet. Slowly decrease the pool of blobs each time. However, it is hard to tell what the effect of each change is.

Just wow. You are too good for this small jam.