Task Manager

Four small games you must play simultaneously.

arrows to play

game by Emma

aesthetics by Hekla


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This is a really fun game! It's super intense and all the games feel very different which makes it hard. The sounds are very nice.


Well, you truly have to be a real task manager to handle this game! It's a great idea, although at the start you have to fail a few times to actually learn what the goal of each game is. When you play, you kind of start to prioritise the games based on how much you can neglect them while still having a reasonable chance of survival. I think that at least the bottom right game can be left on its own for a short time, if you have any luck. On the top right, you of course have the clock which tells you when to react. Maybe the bottom left is the trickiest one, since the block is always falling to either direction, so there's no certain safe point. But overall, the sum of this game's parts is one hard game.

I'd like to invite this game to take part in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!